Wine & Spirits Pavilion

The second edition of the North East Food Show 2022 organised on the Polo Grounds of Shillong on 5-7 May was quite a success with the display of good infrastructure and tastefully arranged Stands displaying local products but the wine pavilion which was erected for the first time with the support of Vinexpo established its feet firmly on the ground, writes Cav. Subhash Arora who organised 8 Masterclasses, 4 each on wines and fruit wines respectively and was satisfied with the maiden efforts of the Directorate of Food Processing to bring 6 stands from the mainland India, augmenting an equal number of local stands and the magnificent Meghalaya Fruit Wine Cellar North Eastern states of India have very fertile land with abundance of fruits a majority of which goes waste, with no infrastructure to make wine out of fruits like pineapples, kiwis, wild apples and cherries etc. Fruit processing industry has also not developed much. Till recently, the law did not allow wine production or consumption through sales.
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