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Nestled away in the hills of eastern sub-Himalayas is undoubtedly one of India’s most beautiful state – Meghalaya. Aptly named as ‘the abode of clouds’, the state has also been given the accolade of “Scotland of the East” for its gentle rolling hills shrouded in gentle mist. Famous for its abundant rainfall, living root bridges, virgin forests, breathtaking waterfalls, clear rivers and a network of caves, Meghalaya is a land of pristine landscapes and natural beauty. Shillong, the bustling capital city of Meghalaya is a must-visit for nature and heritage lovers with its neat Victorian bungalows and little churches dotting the narrow roads that curl through the hills filled with tall pine trees. Perched at an altitude of 1,491m above sea level, Shillong got its name from U Lei Shyllong, a powerful deity revered by the local people. The presence of many well reputed educational institutions, many of them established by various missionary groups make Shillong the hub of education for the entire north-east. Known as the Rock Capital of India, Shillong is a city that is famous for music, its unique culture and cheerful people.


How to Get There

Travel options to get to Shillong

By Air: The nearest airport to Shillong is the Umroi Airport near Umiam lake, which is about 25kmsto Shillong with a daily flight operating only from Kolkata. For connectivity from other cities, the nearest major airport is Guwahati, linked by a beautiful 125 kms 4 lane highway to Shillong and serviced by numerous taxi services.

By Train: The closest railway station to Shillong is at Guwahati. It’s 125 kms away and easily accessible by taxi. The Guwahati railway station is connected to New Delhi and other major cities across the country.

Road/Self Drive: There are several private as well as government operated deluxe and regular tourist buses plying at regular intervals between Guwahati and Shillong. For a convenient and comfortable journey, it is better to hire a taxi or even take a shared taxi to be more economical.

Where to Eat: Shillong has a colourful tribal heritage that reflects in its food habits and different types of cuisines. The main local cuisine is Khasi and consists of delicacies prepared without any artificial or chemical preservatives. Do try the signature food items of the state, Jadoh (red rice and pork, cooked together with ginger, onions and turmeric), Dohneiiong (pork with black sesame curry) and Dohkhleh (pork salad) at Trattoria and Jadoh for local food at reasonable price.

For a posh and fine dining experience, pay a visit to La Galerie (Centre Point Hotel), Groove Eatery (O.B. Shopping Mall), Heritage Café (Tripura Castle) or eat at the numerous Cafes that dot the entire streets of Laitumkhrah and Police Bazaar.



1.            Official Partner Hotels:

i)             The Heritage Club – Tripura Castle, Shillong  [http://www.tripuracastle.com]

ii)            Hotel Polo Towers, Shillong (https://www.hotelpolotowers.com)

iii)          Hotel Centre Point, Shillong (https://www.hotelpolotowers.com)

iv)           Hotel Heiga VNS, Shillong (https://www.hotelheigavns.com)

v)            Mcrown Hotel, Shillong, (http://www.mcrownhotel.com)

vi)           Hotel Poinisuk, Shillong (https://www.hotelpoinisuk.com)

2.            Official Travel Partner: Rockski Hospitality (Rafael Manners: +919366659267 / rafael@rockski.in)

3.            Official Hotel Booking Partner: Angel Tourism, Shillong –  (+919863186032 / angeltourshg@gmail.com)


Things to Do in the Evening:

Shillong is a haven for music lovers with quite a few popular pubs in the city offering Live Entertainment together with great food & drinks. Irish Pub (Polo Towers), Cloud 9 (Centre Point), Tango (O.B. Shopping Mall), Poinisuk Hotel (Laitumkhrah) & Evening Club (Police Bazaar) top the list of places to go for nightlife which is generally at its peak on Fridays and Saturdays.


Tourist Attractions (in & around Shillong)

Umiam Lake: Surrounded by thick coniferous forests and undulating hills, Umiam Lake and the adjoining Lum Nehru Park is an ideal place for strolling and enjoying a nice picnic.Umiam Lake is also famous for thrilling water sports and fun activities like kayaking, boating and water cycling.

Distance from The City Centre: 16.5 Kilometers

Shillong Peak: Located at an elevation of 1965m above sea level, Shillong Peak is the highest viewpoint that offers a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the distant hills, waterfalls, Shillong city, and plains of Bangladesh.

Distance from The City Centre: 4 kms

Elephant Falls: Elephant Falls is a three-tier cascading waterfall very near to the city. The Britishers named it so because of a huge adjoining rock, which has an uncanny resemblance with that of an elephant. However, the rock is no longer seen ever since it was destroyed in an earthquake.

Distance from The City Centre: 11 Kilometers

Laitlum Canyons: Literally translating into the “end of the hills”, Laitlum Canyon is an ideal place for trekking enthusiasts and nature admirers. Visit this hilltop viewpoint, and enjoy stunning views of gorges, distant hills, valleys, and zigzagging hilly roads.

Distance from The City Centre: 4 Kilometers

Mary Help for Christian Cathedral: Featuring high arches and stained-glass windows, Mary Help of Christian Cathedral is one of the most famous churches in Shillong. Perched high on a hill, one can also visit the Grotto Church which is carved out the same hill and is located right below the Cathedral.

Distance from the City Centre: 2 Kilometers

Ward’s Lake:  Located at the heart of the city, the lake is encircled by cobblestone walkway and ideal for evening strolls.

Distance from the City Centre: Ward’s Lake is conveniently located at the heart of city near the Raj Bhavan.

Don Bosco Museum: Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures features art galleries, wide collections of handicrafts, artefacts, attires, ornaments, and weapons used by various tribes of North-east India.

Distance from The City Centre: 5 kilometers

Lady Hydari Park: Named after the first lady of the province- Lady Hydari, this park comprises of a sprawling and manicured garden including beautiful rose beds and children’s play area. There is a mini zoo inside the park housing more than 73 species of birds and 100 species of reptiles.

Distance from The City Centre: 2 kilometers

All Saints Cathedral: Considered to be one of the oldest churches in the city, All Saints Cathedral reflects a colonial style architecture along with wooden roofs.

Distance from The City Centre: 1.4 Kilometers

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