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First North East Food Innovation Exhibition begins in Shillong
NE food show to provide network to all stakeholders: Meghalaya CM
Meghalaya: North East Food Show- huge crowd in Arunachal’s stalls
Food show platform for farmers
Stunted? Look at all the food!
The “North East Food Show by Meghalaya & SIAL” be held in December 2019
North East Food Show by Meghalaya and SIAL to be held in Shillong
300 delegates to take part in Meghalaya”s North East Food Show
North East has great potential on food : Meghalaya CM
Shillong: 1st Edition Of Northeast Food Show Begins, CM Conrad Sangma Sets Goals
CMs’ show of strength at North East Food Show 2019 in Meghalaya
North East Food Show begins in Shillong, to target SE Asian Markets
1st North East Food Show concludes with CMs conclave in Shillong
Hon’ble Minister Shri B S Panth represented Sikkim in North East Food Show in Shillong

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