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The Experience Zone at the North-East Food Show will showcase the different Tea & Wine from the state of Meghalaya with Tasting Stations.

    Teas of Meghalaya

    Products showcased by

    1. Anderson Tea Estate is a proprietorship firm located at Umran, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya; where the garden receives more of a sub-tropical climate which is similar with the state of Assam therefore varieties of Assam tea were planted for the capability of cultivation. The lush tea bushes supply the tea factory with fine quality leaves. Anderson Tea Estate produces a blend of CTC and Orthodox tea. This blend is a favourite for most of the masses of Meghalaya. Anderson Tea Estate also produces White Tea for few customers who enjoy its pristine health benefits and unmatched flavour. The Tea Bags with its rich liquor is also a favourite. Anderson Tea is locally produced and affordable. The tea production utilizes Anderson’s very own 50kW micro hydroelectricity, making your favourite cup of tea a clean and green one.
    2. Arsla Organic Tea Co-op Society Ltd comprises of organic tea growers of Umsning area of Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya who, for sustainability of their venture, set up a micro-mini factory for production of orthodox black and green tea. All their gardens and the factory are certified organic by control union under NPOP standards and USDA (NOP). Production of made tea was started in 2018 at the fag end of the plucking season. Earnest production and sale of tea started in 2019. The tea has been unofficially tasted by those familiar with the trade and has been found to be good. 
    3. The name Lakyrsiew means “The Awakening” in the language of the local Khasi tribe. Since its inception early this century Lakyrsiew’s obsession has been quality. Certified organic, LaKyrsiew has its own micro-factory to process the leaf from its tea garden, so that quality is ensured from the soil to the tea when it’s made. Lakyrsiew Tea has earned itself a reputation for excellence abroad. Its teas sell at high-end overseas retailers including Fortnum and Mason, Rare Tea Company, Lalani & Co and others in UK, as well as at leading German Tea retailer TeeGschwendner and through top end outlets in North America, New Zealand and Japan. Lakyrsiew Tea is also consumed widely in Meghalaya and available through specialist high-end retailers in India, including TeaBox.com and No. 3 Clive Road.
    4. MEG TEA, an excellent certified organic tea produced from two distinguished tea farms owned by the Department of Agriculture, viz Umsning and Upper Shillong have been commented by renowned tea makers to be of very high quality. Manned by tea experts, the factory located at the Tea Development Centre, Umsning and Upper Shillong Tea farm produce fresh and top-quality tea leaves comprising of high-quality clones and seed jats. Production method of Meg Tea are like those used in Darjeeling with the management strictly following top quality control.  
    5. Nalari Tea Industries was established in 1997 with the objective to do justice to the fine leaf organically grown by Meghalaya’s small tea growers. The Meghalaya Tea produced under the brand name “NALARI TEA” has established a good reputation for itself in the CTC market, both within and outside the state. In the Khasi language, Nalari translates as “From our very own province.” It prides itself on offering consumers a natural tea rich in aroma and refreshing in liquor. 
    6. Urlong” in Khasi language means, ‘Dream come True’. A dream that binds together families, a truth that has transformed people’s lives and for the generations to follow. Urlong is known for its wide variety of organic tea ranging from non-oxidized, semi-oxidized and fully oxidized tea, certified by Control Union Inspections & certifications India Pvt. Ltd. With the vision of sustainable development, Urlong continues to support farmers through the co-operative, promoting Khasi cultural heritage, protecting the green environment and helping people to achieve a balance rural lifestyle. Urlong presents you to finest quality of organic tea, handcrafted by the community of farmers from the highlands of Mawlyngot, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya.

    Wines of Meghalaya

    1. Asame from Tura, Garo Hills is a local wine that has been manufactured from year 2003. The sole purpose of initiating this idea was to utilize the locally available fruits and prevent wastage during the peak season. Apart from this it serves as a livelihood and income generation means.
    2. Khasi Wines was started on a small scale from the year 2010 onwards. It is a homemade wine utilizing the availability of abundant local fruits grown on the hills slopes of Meghalaya, India. The fruits used for fermentation are being locally from different gardens, markets and districts of Meghalaya. Great care was emphasized to use only fresh healthy fruits to ensure best quality tasty wine. Khasi Wines do not contain any artificial flavoring substances or preservatives. Khasi Wines aims to improve the art of making tasty, safe wines for all and help improve the economy of local farmers and brewers alike.
    3. Mawlot and Sons Wine
    4. Na Lyngwiar was established in May 2015
    5. The hills slopes of Meghalaya, India are blessed with many exotic fruits grown locally in many farms and gardens. Most of these fruits are not utilized and got wasted due to short shelf life leading to loss of income to local farmers. It was noticed that many local people and tourists alike prefer to drink local fruit wines. Keeping this in mind Nes-Ki Wine was started as a homemade wine from the year 2015 onwards for value addition. Special care was done to use healthy clean fruits and fresh spring water for fermentation without the any use of chemical sterilization, food additives or preservatives.
    6. Old Red Wine is the brand name for wines from locally available fruit of Meghalaya and Khasi Hills in Particular. It was back in 1995 when Gregory and Derby Shullai conceptualized the idea of wines strictly made from the local fruit of the area. Mulberry and Sohiong (Prunus nepalensis) were the immediate first choice. The from the above two connoisseurs and the demand far exceeded the supply. The rest is history. From a humble 100 bottles, Old Red now produces anywhere around 700 bottles without compromising on the quality and the tradition that any cottage industry proudly stands for. With the confidence that the patrons faithfully encouraged Old Red Wine, White wine has now been added to the Old Red collection.

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