The Government of Meghalaya and SIAL India are proud to present THE FIRST NORTH EAST FOOD SHOW 2019 by Meghalaya & SIAL, to be held from 4th – 6th December 2019 at Shillong, India.

A collaboration between the State Government of Meghalaya and the SIAL Group, the world’s largest food innovation network with over 50 years of global food innovation experience, the North East Food Show 2019 is one of North East India’s biggest food innovation and food processing show and a first of its kind in North Eastern India that is focused on creating a Global platform to ‘Inspire Food Business’ for this part of the country and  a not to be missed opportunity for the National & International Markets to connect with local producers and entrepreneurs from the North-East. This exciting event is the region’s premier dedicated B2B platform that is aimed at marrying together the best of the North East with the best of the food and food processing world.

The event will have strong presence of food processing businesses of all the North-Eastern States and their respective Governments showcasing unique products of the states as well as National & International Exhibitors, natural-herbal-organic producers, processing companies and will feature Experience Zones, tastings, demonstrations, North-East Kitchen, conferences, Chef Wars and other activities & events.

The North-East Food Show is an opportunity for entrepreneurs of the North-East to meet and interact with National & Global majors of the Food & Beverage Industry to better understand, build connections, anticipate consumer needs and familiarize themselves with the latest trends in the industry for export promotion and up-scaling their businesses to global standards. It will also be an opportunity for these majors to source products not available anywhere else and to introduce their products to the region. This exciting event is a powerful B2B platform dedicated to facilitating the meeting of potential clients / decision-makers, establishing valuable alliances within a short span of time, finding ideas, partners or customers and a range of food product offerings while facilitating and enabling local producers, distributors, retailers and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space to enter into the promising ASEAN & Global Market, all at an incredibly affordable cost.

This 1st edition of the North East Food Show is brought to you by the Government of Meghalaya in collaboration with Inter Ads Exhibitions Pvt Ltd, the sole and exclusive licensee of SIAL in India supported by Governments, chambers, media and professional associations. The 2019 edition would see the participation of over 200 Brands making it the region’s biggest food innovation showcase.


Objectives of the North-East Food Show

  1. Providing of a platform for the North East Agro and food processing industry to tap national and global markets through intensive focus on networking and business relationship development.
  2. Invite intellectual, technological and financial investments into the region so as not only to facilitate and induce growth of the local food processing industry but also give to such industries the opportunity to elevate their products and services to global standards through collaborations with national/global processing, packaging units and industry experts to bring about innovative changes in the entire food value chain.
  3. Introduce North East buyers, entrepreneurs and markets to innovative food products, latest technologies and global best practices.
  4. Linking Producers directly to end consumers like Restaurants/ Hotels/ Processing Companies / Wholesalers / Traders, etc for enhancing economic growth and increasing rural income.
  5. Highlight the unique cuisines and ingredients of the region through the introduction of a new vertical of Gastronomic tourism to the SIAL portfolio with focus on linking sustainable food production to responsible tourism with spillover effects on the farming community that produces these ingredients.

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A collaboration between SIAL Group and Government of Meghalaya